About Us

How We Report

The intent of this site is to paint an honest assessment of Chicago’s 2023 mayoral campaign. While our candidate bias is rather obvious, we intend to build that case with facts on the issues and avoid the personal attacks, labeling, and ‘cancel culture’ that too many others engage in. A sound conclusion withstands scrutiny, which is what we intend to pursue. 

We’ve all seen politicians stretch the truth, and that’s putting it nicely. And as of late we’ve also seen a proliferation of media bias and even ‘fake news’ that distorts the conversation so badly it can be hard to know who can be trusted. At this site we strive to cite sources that are unbiased and non-partisan.  Whenever possible we will cite sources using verifiable facts and data, not speculation.  We intend to avoid citing any sources that cannot live up to these standards.

About Our Sources

  • The Civic Federation – A non-partisan government research organization with over a century of involvement in Chicago
  • Crain’s Chicago Business – A periodical that focuses on Chicago’s business community.
  • Chicago Sun-Times – A well-known newspaper based in the city of Chicago. You’ve probably heard of it.
  • Chicago Tribune – Another well-known newspaper based in Chicago. You’ve probably heard of this one, too.
  • Illinois Report Card – A site run by the Illinois State Board of Education that reports on key metrics for public school systems in the state
  • Illinois State Board of Elections – An independent state agency that manages voter registration and the administration of elections throughout the state

Who Are You?

We’re just everyday citizens that want our beloved city to be its best. It is our opinion that Chicago can’t get there without demanding better accountability from our elected officials. We intend to pursue this goal and to bring as many along for the journey as we can.